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Jakarta, 3 Februari 2020, Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta telah kedatangan tamu perwakilan dari ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) yaitu Mr. Dhamesh dan Mr, Eric Woo. ECRI merupakan lembaga independent berskala dunia yang menangani pelayanan kesehatan berbasis peralatan medis yang aman. Terkait tentang ECRI, berikut penjelasan singkatnya:

Advancing the science of care around the world, Since 1968, the people of ECRI Institute have made it our mission to protect patients from unsafe and ineffective medical technologies and practices. More than 5,000 healthcare institutions and systems worldwide including four out of every five U.S. hospitals rely on ECRI Institute to guide their operational and strategic decisions. In addition, we serve public and private payers, federal and state agencies, policymakers, ministries of health, associations, and accrediting agencies.

The integrity of independence, To assure the accuracy and trustworthiness of our work, we rigorously maintain our independence and objectivity. We are a non-profit organization that does not accept grants, gifts, consulting projects, or advertising from pharmaceutical firms or medical device companies and our employees are prohibited from making investments of any kind in such companies. Our conflict-of-interest rules are the strictest in the healthcare industry.

Unique capabilities to improve outcomes

  • We understand medical technology and the systems in which those technologies are used: Our biomedical engineers conduct hands-on, rigorous testing that includes clinical input and human factors usability.
  • We interpret and contextualize clinical evidence in ways that inform decision making: ECRI is designated 1 of 13 Evidence-based Practice Centers by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • We know what enables—and disables—patient safety: Our recommendations are based on data collected and analyzed from nearly 3 million patient safety events.
  • We are an independent and trusted authority on healthcare practices and products that improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care: This stance allows us to tackle complex healthcare issues by bringing together thought leaders such as payers, providers, physicians, policy makers, and other specialists who normally would not collaborate.

No other private sector organization assumes this level and scope of responsibility for promoting patient safety and quality healthcare. As a result, our independent, unbiased, and trusted guidance and assurance are unmatched worldwide.


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